Exploring Career Opportunities: Adventures in the Mining Industry

Exploring Career Opportunities: Adventures in the Mining Industry

Delve into the captivating world of mining through the lens of Shayne Smelly, a dedicated exploration driller. In this exclusive interview captured by PENDA Productions, we uncover Shayne’s remarkable journey in the mining industry, from her humble beginnings in directional drilling to her adventures in diamond drilling.

Shayne’s story is one of determination and passion, showcasing that with dedication, anyone can succeed in the mining industry. Starting in her hometown with directional drilling, Shayne quickly ascended the ranks to diamond drilling, proving that the will to work is the key to success in this field.

One of the most exciting aspects of Shayne’s job is the opportunity to work in remote and untouched locations. From being dropped off on the side of a mountain by helicopter to drilling in places unseen by most, Shayne experiences the thrill of exploration and discovery firsthand. For her, pulling rock from the ground isn’t just a task – it’s a reminder of the incredible landscapes and geological wonders that lie beneath the surface.

Working in the north isn’t just a job for Shayne – it’s a way of life. She loves the rugged terrain, the sense of community, and the opportunity to explore new places while getting paid for it. The mining industry has provided her with the chance to see the world and the country, turning her passion for exploration into a fulfilling career.

As storytellers, we at PENDA Productions are passionate about capturing the essence of Shayne’s journey and sharing it with the world. Through our lens, we aim to highlight the excitement, challenges, and rewards of careers in mining, inspiring others to consider the possibilities that await in this dynamic industry.

Shayne Smelly’s story is a testament to the opportunities and adventures that await those who pursue careers in mining. From the thrill of exploration to the sense of camaraderie and community, Shayne’s experiences remind us of the diverse and rewarding nature of the mining industry. At PENDA Productions, we’re honored to document and share stories like Shayne’s, shining a light on the remarkable individuals who make mining more than just a job – it’s a way of life.


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