PENDA’s graphic services encompass a wide range of design elements, including logos, branding materials, marketing collateral, websites, and more.
  • Brand Creation

Whether you are just getting started with your brand’s visual presence or are due for an overhaul, PENDA’s team is well-versed in creating refined brand imagery. Our team provides you with a custom colour palette, brand guidelines, and works directly to ensure that your vision shines through.

  • Reporting & Communications

PENDA helps your reports shine. We help clients create engaging presentations that capture consumer and investor attention. We know that report communications can be long, and difficult to digest. Our team helps synthesize your data into a compelling narrative that highlights the topics that are most important to you and your stakeholders.

  • Marketing Materials

Curated and consistent marketing materials ensure brand recognition and illustrate your organization’s attention to detail. From Brochures and fact sheets, to event materials and business cards, PENDA’s expertise lies in making brands stand out amongst competitors in your industry.

  • Website Design

Having a well designed website is the heart of your brand’s digital presence. It is often the first point of contact that audiences have with your company, and is the central to all marketing efforts. PENDA assists clients with organizing their information into an efficient and captivating site, which helps to boost SEO and conversions.

Graphic design is important for your company’s first impression, and creating lasting memorability.
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